Web based training (WBT)

Target group:
This web based training(WBT) is useful for Electrical planner, System integrators and Electrical installers who want to know the basic knowleadge of the device and its possible applications.

Successful participation of KNX basic course with certificate
  - Profound knowledge in using the current ETS version
  - Parcitipation of IP basic course or basic knowleadge in IP network.

Siemens KNX/DALI Gateways

This WBT trains how to use the KNX/DALI Gateways in KNX projects, how the device can be configured in ETS and how commisioning works.



Siemens KNX/DALI Gateways (B_E05RAKX)
Dauer: 120 min

DALI Introduction with fields of application

   - General Information

   - Configuration of ETS application

   - Commissioning DALI devices

   - Diagnostic and test functions

   - Commissioning KNX

   - Special functions

   - Diagnostic options for troubleshooting



Visualization with IP Control Center

This WBT trains how to use the IP Control Center (IPCC) in KNX projects, how the device can be configured in ETS and how it commisioning works.



Visualization with the IP Control Center (B_E03RAKX)
Dauer: 120 min

General Settings

   - ETS Configuration

   - Web Editor of the IPCC

   - Add on Modules

   - Smart Editor of the IPCC

   - Sample Project

   - Data and Firmware




Commisioning of IP Gateway KNX-BACnet N 143

Know the engineering and commissioning workflows of the device. Identification of application errors in buildings with BACnet building management systems (BMS) and KNX installations.



BACnet Gateway N143
Duration: 30 min

General information

   - Commissioning with ETS




Light control with presence detector UP 258

This training module provides the necessary knowledge for a successful implementation of a presence dependent constant lighting control. It is structured in a way, that participants can easily apply the obtained knowledge in practical work.



Light control with presence detector UP 258
Duration: 180 min

Legal and normative guidelines
  for the lighting automation

 - Saving potentials with room automation

 - Functional principles

 - Application possibilities

 - 2-point light control

 - Constant light control Master-Slave

 - Calibration  



New switching actuators N53x

In this training module you will learn all about the new generation of Siemens GAMMA switching actuators



GAMMA instabus switching actuators N53x
Duration: xx  (Flash file)

- Benefits for the different user groups
 - Main features of the hardware
 - Main features of the software

- Detailled info about the function
  blocks in ETS:
    > Control functions
    > Override functions
    > Diagnostic functions