Firmware Download Tool V6

If you want to update a Siemens KNX device to the current software version (firmware), you need the appropriate firmware download tool. The list at the end of this page gives you an overview of which devices can be updated with this tool version. If you cannot find your device in the list, try the firmware download tool versions V4 or V5 in the archive. After a successful firmware update, the associated application must be reloaded into the device with the ETS.

System requirements:

  - Win7 32Bit, Win7 64Bit, Win8 64Bit, Win10 64Bit
  - PC with LAN or/and USB Port
  - PC with internet access (for installation and automatic search for updates required)
  - KNX Interface (refer to table)
  - An installation of ETS is not required for using this tool


Overview of KNX-Interfaces for Firmware Download Tool V6

IP Interface Secure N 148/23
(only in unsecured mode)
  5WG1 148-1AB23

IP-Router Secure N 146/03
(only in unsecured mode)
  5WG1 146-1AB23

Interface N 148/12 USB   5WG1 148-1AB12

IP-Interface N 148/22   5WG1 148-1AB22

Interface OCI702 USB   S55800-Y101

IP-Router N 146/02   5WG1 146-1AB02

Interface N 148/11 USB   5WG1 148-1AB11

IP-Interface N 148/21   5WG1 148-1AB21

Interface N 148/01 RS232   5WG1 148-1AB01

Interface N 148/02 RS232   5WG1 148-1AB02





Firmware Download Tool V6.0.181 (Setup file)
(December 2020)
Firmware Download Tool V5 (Manual)
Release notes
This software is subject to the License Agreement included; please read this agreement carefully and confirm your approval by clicking the button at the end of the pop-up page.


With Firmware Download Tool V6 updateable devices :
  MLFB Product name from